Social Media Postcards (or infographics) are simply images which you post on your social media pages. They are created in a size which is optimised for your chosen social media channel.

Promote create postcards from images supplied by clients of stock items, services or anything you wish to promote on social media.

Many times a photograph of a product is shared or copied and the original poster is no longer in control. With one of these postcards your branding is included so no matter where it ends up the original source it still obvious.

Many businesses request postcards to promote items which are new in stock or sometimes items which are proving more difficult to sell. A postcard will heighten awareness of not only your stock but also your web presence.

Please remember to inform us if you plan to use the Facebook boost option for your postcards as the amount of text on the image must be much less.

All designs are individual and affordable. Contact promote today to learn more.